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What we do | NICOLAY sports + entertainment

We pride ourselves on team building and hard work to create the best atmosphere possible at each event we are charged with producing.  Not only will event attendees leave with a memorable experience, your staff members will also depart with new friends and connections for life. 

A team of over 1000 talented and focused producers, multilingual announcers, music directors, video production teams, performers, camera crews, medal ceremony specialists and technical crews from all over the world is the heart and soul of NICOLAY productions.   

Our large multi-national crew doesn’t sit in an office, building paper clip chains and drinking too much coffee in-between events. Rather, like a team of special agents, they’re ready and waiting to descend upon your venue or location to seamlessly execute on whatever your needs require.  From World Archery events and Olympic Games to professional skateboard and snowboard events, NICOLAY has the perfect set of people to deploy. Being seasoned travelers, this crew is always ready to go anywhere in the world at a moments notice and we are well versed in acquiring visas, beating jet lag and securing that exit row seat.

If your event doesn’t have the budget or the need for the entire team, we also offer consulting services. You can use our unparalleled experience in sport and event production to help you develop your own event plans, budgets and creative concepts. We’ll even run local workshops to introduce and train staff and volunteers on sport production and create a legacy of experienced Sport Production teams in your area.

From the Olympics to the X Games we produce sporting and entertainment events all over the world.
We are a full-service, creative and technical production company specializing in “Sport Production (Presentation) & Medal Ceremonies” for multi-sport large scale international sporting events.
We are a team of around 1000 producers, multilingual announcers, music directors, performers, video production teams, camera crews, medal ceremony coordinators and technical crews from all over the world.
Live video production on venue and broadcast.

Full Sport Production and Entertainment services we provide:

  • Executive Production for any event large or small (except for maybe tupperware parties or weddings)
  • Full venue production from large stadiums and arenas to conference rooms
  • Custom event scripting/run downs
  • Professional multi-lingual commentary staffing from action sports specialists to archery
  • Live video production (on venue and broadcast)
  • Music Director/DJ staffing to suit any style
  • Technical operations: audio, video, electrical, intercom and beyond
  • Performer staffing
  • Custom consulting services for any and all of the above items.

Positions we can fill include:

  • Executive Producer
  • Venue Producer
  • Field Producer
  • On camera talent
  • Production Coordinators and Assistants
  • Medal Ceremony Producers and Coordinators
  • Commentator (live or broadcast)
  • Music Directors and DJs
  • Plus many, many more.


If you’re not sure we do what you need, please contact us to discuss your event and how we can help.

“Christy simply takes care of business. Thorough, passionate and committed to creating first class events and experiences.” Kevin Monaghan | Senior Vice President-Business Development and Managing Director of Digital Media, NBC Sports
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