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Vancouver 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games

Vice President-Sport Production & Victory Ceremonies

Christy began working on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games in 2007 as the Executive Producer for Sport Production. Her experience and skills from numerous Olympic Games, combined with her leadership and work ethic, made her an obvious candidate for more responsibility. Team Welcome Ceremonies, Victory Ceremonies, Whistler Medals Plaza and Medaling Athlete Transport were all eventually added to Christy’s scope of responsibilities as she was promoted to Vice President, Sport Production & Victory Ceremonies. In this executive role Christy built a strong team of nearly a thousand that included venue producers, sport specific English and French announcers, music directors, technical managers, medal ceremony managers, video production teams and volunteer performers.

Christy and her team selected musical talent for Whistler Medals Plaza that included The All-American Rejects, Usher, DEVO, One Republic, The Fray and more.

Other highlights of the spectator experience in Vancouver; an in venue based radio station that allowed spectators to listen to live by play-by-play on special headsets at several ice venues, enlisting an Emmy Award winning cinematographer for snowboard athlete headshots and select competition venues having live interactive video games for spectators to play on the big screen. Christy’s experience and network now cover everything from athlete transport to medal podium design; a testament to her creativity, knowledge and diverse career experience. The only weakness in Christy’s arsenal of skills: not being able to make it snow during record breaking warm weather at the snowboard and freestyle skiing venue. If entertained and engaged spectators could change the weather there would have been fresh powder daily in Vancouver.

Olympic Games, Sports

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