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Salt Lake 2002 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games | NICOLAY sports + entertainment
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Salt Lake 2002 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games

Executive Producer-Sport Production & Flower Ceremonies

Building anticipation was a theme at the 2002 Games. Salt Lake was the first Olympic Games to reverse the medal presentation to end with the gold medal, ensuring silver and bronze medallists finally got the round of applause they deserved before focus shifted to the Olympic champion. At 160 ticketed events Christy’s Sport Production team of 137 staff, 119 contracted staff and 118 volunteers engaged spectators through entertainment and education. This included music and roaming performers along the mile walk to the sliding centre, live bands at the bottom of the halfpipe or point-of-view animations for the videoboard complete with live announcing that explained to the crowd how a run was scored or what part of a downhill course may be tricky or dangerous to the athletes. Each venue’s sport production was specific to the sport and the demographic of the spectators attending. The nordic sports had a well known Scandinavian event producer and ice hockey had the best professional announcers in the NHL. Sport Production was used to create an unforgettable experience for spectators by entertaining, educating and intensifying the drama of sport. Christy’s first time working for the organizing committee at an Olympic Games started with a promotion to Executive Producer and concluded with a Games so spectacular the CEO eventually became a USA Presidential candidate. A world class event that Christy was thrilled to contribute to in her home country.

Olympic Games

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